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Customer Service

Our Customer Service representatives are available by phone to help in any way we can Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Central Standard time (1-800-408-TEES). Or, if you prefer, e-mail us 24-hours a day at sales@minervasportswear.com. Our Customer Service representatives have been carefully selected for their essential traits of intelligence, professionalism, and genuine caring. They are taught that each customer deserves personal attention and respect. Follow-up is essential and our customer's time is a resource not to be wasted. Every interaction that you have with our Customer Service representatives will be a pleasant one. New customers are often hesitant to contact a new vendor, so we make it easy. We would be happy to talk with you personally about your needs and how we can be of service. Call 1-800-408-TEES and feel free to ask us anything!
Minerva Promotions, Inc. stands behind our products! Because all products are custom ordered just for your company, we cannot return for sizing. However, if you ever have a product concern, Minerva Promotions, Inc. will provide you with a hassle-free replacement or refund. We are thankful when our customers alert us to a problem so we can promptly make it right. If you ever have any quality or order concerns, please feel free to contact Minerva Promotions, Inc.'s Customer Service Department at 1-800-408-TEES.
A 7 to 10 day time is assigned to all orders. Within 48 hours of the time your order is placed, we will e-mail you an order approval (see example) to confirm that we have the correct product, logo, sizes, billing and shipping information. Any order add-ons or changes may be made at this time. If all is correct, we request that you contact us with a written confirmation for our records. Confirmations not returned within 24 hours are considered correct and processed for your convenience (we know you are busy!).
Minerva Promotions, Inc.'s requires a minimum order of 12 pieces per logo for established customers. This can be a mix of any product style, color, or size. Orders that do not meet the minimum can be processed for a less than minimum processing fee.
We're happy to send you product information. We'll work with you to narrow down the items, quantity and price range you want from among the thousands of items carried by our hundreds of vendors. This way, we will make sure to send you catalogs that best suit your needs!
Minerva Promotions, Inc. will gladly provide your company with a clothing sample on any order of 12 or more pieces of the same item. We are proud of our products and happy to show them off. There will be no charge for the samples returned to us within 15 days. We have made it easy to return the samples. First-time customers will be required to supply a credit card number as a payment guarantee.