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American Legion - Gifts To Yanks That Gave

Serving Hospitalized Veterans Across Illinois

Welcome to The Gifts To The Yanks website. This site will help you learn more about the mission and the program itself. Will direct you in ways of helping to raise funds, Hospitals served and also help you with the ordering process.






April 8th, 2017, Department Headquarters

Ron Umdenstock, Chairman

The meeting was called to order at 10:00a.m. Roll Call of Division Chairmen, present, 1st Div., Joe Hedrick, 2nd Div. Jeff Cox, 3rd Div. John Gleckler 4th Div. Ron Umdenstock and 5th Div. France (Dutch) Jancek,

Guest Mike from Minerva Promotions, Gloria Jancek, and Special Guest Past Gifts To The Yanks Chairman Larry Crone, Commander Cheri Stanton, and Vice Commander Bob Henderson stop by to say hello and words of wisdom.

Discussed orders, it is ok to order early to save on price increases. Try to cut on inventory this year. All orders must be in by November 1, 2017 All gifts ordered will be filled when received. Any addition or correction to the orders will be submitted in writing and filled by GTTY Department Chairmen. Due to failing donations we will be cutting down on orders, will not be excepting orders for Independent Living Homes or homeless shelter. No out of state nursing homes or VA Hospitals, Iowa, Missouri. Indiana and Wisconsin, this includes John Cochran, Jefferson Barracks and Iowa City. All gifts should be delivered by Legion Family Members. After a long discussion, the chairman will update the rules and regulation and summit to commission for approval and put on web site. Minerva Promotion will create a spot for Chad Woodburn to put on web to help promote program. .

Chairman reported on what it cost to run the program last year $182,188.48 at present, there is Approximately $123,000 for the 2017 year. Full report will be in convention book Motion by John Gleckler 2nd by Joe Hedrick all Approved.

Chairman to email Rules and Regulation to all chairman for suggestions and/or approval.

Next Meeting Convention Thursday July 13, 2017 at GTTY Booth noon.

Motion to adjourn by Joe Hedrick all approved.

Meeting Adjourned

Ron Umdenstock Chairman



Enclosed is a sample of the Tee-Shirts and lapel pins that are available on line at

The Tee-Shirts cost $15.00 and lapel pins $5.00 each. Patches will be available soon.

It is our hope that your group will have a fund raiser to help support the Gifts To The Yanks Who Gave program.

For those that do not know about the Gifts To The Yanks, it started back in 1944, it is an American Legion program. Money is raised every year to provide Christmas gifts for our veterans in the VA Hospitals, IL VA Nursing Homes, Local Nursing Homes and Homebound.

It takes close to $170,000.00 each year to give good quality sweat suits, blankets, gift bags, sweaters, etc. to over 8000 disabled veterans.

With donations being down the past couple of years we are reaching out to you for your support. You could have a ride, order shirts and sell them or charges a fee to ride and give them a shirt, patch, lapel pin. I am sure you all have done similar fund raisers for other programs and can think of a great way to raise funds to support our disabled veterans.

100% of ALL donations go to the program, no administration fees are taken.

If you have questions please give me a call, home 309-822-8912 or cell 309-264-6228.

Thanks for caring and supporting our disabled veterans, please help us bring smiles to the faces of our veterans that may only be receiving this gift for Christmas.

For God and Country,
Ron Umdenstock, Chairman GTTY
American Legion, Dept of IL
1425 Spring Bay Rd.
East Peoria, IL 61611

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