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Welcome to The Gifts To The Yanks website. This site will help you learn more about the mission and the program itself. Will direct you in ways of helping to raise funds, Hospitals served and also help you with the ordering process.







September 24, 2016, Department Headquarters

Ron Umdenstock, Chairman

The meeting was called to order at 10:00a.m. Roll Call of Division Chairmen, present, 1st Div., Joe Hedrick, 2nd Div. Jeff Cox, , 4th Div. Ron Umdenstock and 5th Div. France (Dutch) Jancek, 3rd Div. John Gleckler Absent excused.

Guest Commander Cheri Stanton, Karen Henry, Toni Herman and Chad Woodburn stop by to say hello. The Committee took this opportunity to thank Karen for her past support of the Gifts to the Yanks Who Gave Program ad to wish her well on her retirement.

Chairman Ron Umdenstock gave a letter and finance report that can be used to report to a post that explained that 100% of money collected goes the gifts. All administrative cost was provided by Dept.

Each Chairman was given a new blue jacket for their display kit to take the place of the sweater.

GTTY program discussed, all gifts should be received and printed by the first of Nov.

The GTTY Committee discussed the delivery of gifts, we need to remember.... This is a Christmas Gift Given Program in which we remember our comrades with a gift at Christmas. It is not intended to be a gift giving program to where gifts are ordered and stored and handed out all through the year. With donations down, we work hard to raise enough money for the Christmas gifts. If the Post/Unit wishes to give gifts all year long then it is up to their Post/Unit to pay for those gifts. Remembering when more gifts are ordered than needed it takes away from another veteran. All GTTY Chairmen were ask last year to call facilities/ nursing homes if they had a question on an order.

Copies of gifts and orders are available at All orders should be placed by November 1, 2016 and all those placing an order should make copies for nursing homes if needed and receive a confirmation number.

The five chairmen gave their report and all will make arrangements for where their Division gifts orders can be picked up.

FOR gift delivery date and places; contact your Division Chairman for a time for pick up. Volunteers are needed to deliver gifts at all the VA Hospitals and Illinois Veterans Homes.

  • 1st Div. Joe Hedrick, 847-212-5336, deliver to Morton Grove Joe will take care of delivering gifts to Hines VA and Jesse Brown VA
  • 2nd Div. Jeff Cox, 630-553-9108, Jeff will pick up gifts for 2nd Div take to Yorkville IL Veterans Home La Salle, Capt. James A Lovell VA, N. Chicago
  • 3 rd Div. John Gleckler, 217-779-7515, John will pick up 3rd Div and IL Veterans Home Quincy
  • 4th Div. Ron Umdenstock, 309-264-6228 ,Will take care of 4th Div and VA Illiana Health Care System, Danville, IL Veterans Home Manteno and Iowa City VA
  • 5th Div. Francis (Dutch) Jancek, 618-654-3867, Dutch will pick up 5th Div gifts, IL Veterans Home in Anna, Marion VA, Jefferson Barracks VA and John Cochran VA

They discuss gifts for 2016-, Ron picked up playing cards from Par –A- Dice Casino (enough for this year.)

GTTY brochures were discuss, no changes to the lay out and they will be printed. Donations are down and to keep the program running as in the past years each chairman has been ask to contact the Posts in their Divisions asking for support.

Meeting Adjourned

Ron Umdenstock Chairman



Enclosed is a sample of the Tee-Shirts and lapel pins that are available on line at

The Tee-Shirts cost $15.00 and lapel pins $5.00 each. Patches will be available soon.

It is our hope that your group will have a fund raiser to help support the Gifts To The Yanks Who Gave program.

For those that do not know about the Gifts To The Yanks, it started back in 1944, it is an American Legion program. Money is raised every year to provide Christmas gifts for our veterans in the VA Hospitals, IL VA Nursing Homes, Local Nursing Homes and Homebound.

It takes close to $170,000.00 each year to give good quality sweat suits, blankets, gift bags, sweaters, etc. to over 8000 disabled veterans.

With donations being down the past couple of years we are reaching out to you for your support. You could have a ride, order shirts and sell them or charges a fee to ride and give them a shirt, patch, lapel pin. I am sure you all have done similar fund raisers for other programs and can think of a great way to raise funds to support our disabled veterans.

100% of ALL donations go to the program, no administration fees are taken.

If you have questions please give me a call, home 309-822-8912 or cell 309-264-6228.

Thanks for caring and supporting our disabled veterans, please help us bring smiles to the faces of our veterans that may only be receiving this gift for Christmas.

For God and Country,
Ron Umdenstock, Chairman GTTY
American Legion, Dept of IL
1425 Spring Bay Rd.
East Peoria, IL 61611

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